MO Barrel

Mo Freitas, in-form on his way to a Pipeline title. Photo: Waterman League

Mo Freitas Takes 2nd Annual Pipeline SUP Invitational

The second annual Pipeline SUP Invitational and DaHui Backdoor Shootout in memory of Duke Kahanamoku happened today with world-class SUP surfers battling in pumping Pipeline. A treat it was and an honor for the sport to have pumping Pipe closed for the second annual DaHui Shootout SUP Invitational at Pipe.

The Da Hui Backdoor Shootout in memory of Duke Kahanamoku,traditionally a prone surfing event until a SUP division (the first-ever SUP comp at Pipe) was added to the agenda last year. It’s a celebration of Hawaiian heritage focused on showcasing the islands’ top surfers. This year’s invitees for the SUP Invitational included Hawaiian athletes like last year’s Pipe champion, Kai Lenny, fellow Maui boy Zane Schweitzer, pioneering SUP icon Kainoa McGee and Haleiwa’s hard-charging up-and-comer, Mo Freitas.

zane schweitzer

Zane and one of few legitimately made barrel rides of the finals. Photo: Waterman League

Mo took control of the heat early with a stylish Backdoor barrel and a Pipeline backup to combo the field in-rhythm. But Schweitzer wasn’t to be deterred. Around halfway through the heat, he came back with a cleanly ridden Pipe bomb and the two went head-to-head on solid Pipe and Backdoor walls. Mo Freitas claimed victory after a heated round, and the prone surfing heats resumed with another thrilling 2016 Pipeline SUP Invitational in the books. Big thanks to DaHui and Hawaiian water patrol, congrats to Mo Freitas and always remember Duke Kahanamoku.

Mo' Mo, Backdo' Photo: Waterman League

Mo’ Mo, Backdo’ Photo: Waterman League

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