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This week, SUP magazine and Glenfiddich announced the winner of the Instagram photo contest that ran throughout the fall and early winter. Vilano Beach, Florida's Brian Fedor (@isurfvilano) took home the big booty: a 9'2" Riviera Board hand-painted by San Clemente, California artist and paddler Drew Brophy.

"I'm so stoked," Fedor said. "My longest board is 7'5" so this is the board I get to teach my friends on and spread the stoke. So many people in our neighborhood want to learn."

Fedor is a true paddling lifestylist as he and his wife moved to the small, northeast Florida beach town specifically to paddle and be near the water.

And after this social media campaign, he's ready to look at another lifestyle change. "I've been following Glenfiddich on Instagram and I need to rethink my life. All they do is surf, golf and drink."

Fedor posted a number of shots to the hashtag #mypicrules, from fun to fully irreverant. We've included a few of his Insta gems for your viewing pleasure. Please continue to follow SUP magazine on Instagram as well as Glenfiddich.

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