A strange story came out of Florida recently involving a paddleboard, over a half-million dollars in unpaid child support and the disappearance of a 52-year-old commercial real estate agent.

Want to try to connect the dots?

On March 20, Fort Lauderdale resident Constantine “Con” Theoharis went for an early morning paddle on his blue Riviera touring board. According to his brother, Rick Theoharis, Con is a very experienced paddler and waterman.

A home surveillance video captured him paddling northbound in the Atlantic Ocean around 6:30 a.m., a route he had presumably paddled countless times prior. Except this particular paddle would not be like the rest, Theoharis would not return.

At least, not back to his home.

His cousin, Chris Damian, would report him missing a few days later but as of now, there’s still been no sign of him or the board. Under normal circumstances, one might presume a tragic accident had occurred. And while a scenario like that is still possible, this disappearance took place under highly unusual circumstances.

After a 2008 divorce, Theoharis had fallen behind on child support payments and in August of 2014, stopped paying them altogether. According to court records, the father of two had accumulated over $549,000 worth of unpaid child support and was due in court in the days following his disappearance.

Concerned family members have several different theories.

According to an incident report acquired by a local ABC News station, his cousin reportedly told police that he believes, “child support issues could have forced him to leave the U.S. because of pending upcoming court action for nonpayment.” However, Damian had no further proof of this action.

Meanwhile, his uncle, John Katsikas, was reported as worrying that “his nephew may have committed suicide as he just recently missed court and had a large sum of money judgment against him.” He also reported that his nephew’s blue paddleboard, swim fins, dive mask and weight belt were missing from his home.

Yet if this was a case of suicide or freediving gone wrong, one might suspect they would have recovered the board at this point. But the board is still missing, while his phone, wallet, keys and passport were all left behind at his home.

With no further information about his whereabouts, one must ponder whether Con successfully pulled off a vanishing act or if something more tragic occurred. And with the only clue consisting of grainy home surveillance footage of Con paddling out to the horizon, we may never know.


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