The US SUP Tour made its highly-anticipated first stop in Huntington Beach, Calif. last weekend, with heavy turnouts in both pro and open divisions. The inaugural stop featured pro and open events in two disciplines, SUP surfing and SUP racing, with $10k in prize money. Hawaii’s Mo Freitas and Sofia DeWolfe of Idaho came out on top as the overall event champions, with the most points accrued over the two-day competition.

Southern California’s Colin McPhillips put on a strong performance in the Pro SUP Surfing event, edging out the competition, which included overall winner Mo Freitas, as well as two other SoCal locals and sytlish SUP surfers, Tommy Lloy and Dave Boehne.
Local girl Emmy Merrill took the win for the ladies’ in the Pro SUP Surfing, with strong contenders Diane Wenzel, overall winner Sofia DeWolfe, and Terri Plunkett rounding out the top four places.

Santa Barbara’s Matt Becker won the Pro SUP Race, after out-racing a very competitive field of paddlers that included overall champ Freitas, Brennan Rose, Brian Murphy and Colin McPhillips.
Taking the coveted win on the women’s side of the Pro SUP Race was California’s Tamara Lentz, who out-paddled Sarah Messina, event champ DeWolfe, and Terri Plunkett.



Overall Event Pro Champions (Surfing & Race combined finishes)
Men- $350 Mo Freitas
Women- $250 Sofia DeWolfe

Men Pro SUP Surfing
1- $1,500 Colin McPhillips
2- $1,000 Mo Freitas
3- $750 Tommy Lloy
4- $500 David Boehne

Men Pro SUP Race
1- $1,000 Matt Becker
2- $700 Mo Freitas
3- $500 Brennan Rose
4- $400 Brian Murphy
5- $350 Colin McPhillips
6- $300 Chance Fielder
7- $250 Byron Kurt
8- $200 Griffin Ross
9- $150 Willis Brown

Women Pro SUP Surfing
1st- $400 Emmy Merrill
2nd- $250 Diane Wenzel
3rd- $150 Sofia DeWolfe
4th- $100 Terri Plunkett
5th- Tamara Lentz
6th- Sarah Messina

Women Pro SUP Race
1- $400 Tamara Lentz
2- $250 Sarah Messina
3- $150 Sofia DeWolfe
4- $100 Terri Plunkett

Men Open SUP Surfing
1st- Mike Baker
2nd- Jose Magra
3rd- Mike Vaughn
4th- Ian Cairns

Men Open SUP Race
1st- Chuck Trout- 12'6
1st- Rick Stinson- 14'

Women Open SUP Surfing
1st- Sarah Messina
2nd- Mary Mitchell

Women Open SUP Race
1st- Antoinette Cocco
2nd- Sarah Messina

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