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GoPro Mountain Games 2015—Still Awesome

The Go Pro Mountain Games went off again in fine form in Vail, Colorado, as the river SUP community gathered to celebrate whitewater SUP culture. As has been the case in past years, ocean athletes were more than happy to get in on the frey, too, like Chuck Patterson and Izzi Gomez.


Saturday opened up competition with the downriver race. Michael Tavares took his first win at the GoPro Mountain Games, besting his nearest competitor, second place finisher Bradley Hilton, by 14 seconds. Dan Gavere rounded out the top three with Charlie MacArthur in fourth and Spencer Lacy in fifth. It should be noted that Gavere and MaCarthur have a combined age of 100, and still smoked the rest of the competition.

On the women's side, Natali Zollinger had a huge weekend, also winning her first title at the Mountain Games. Gentian Nuzzo, Jenny MacArthur, Britany Parker and Japan's Hiroko Kinuki made up the rest of the Top 5. The full results are available on the Mountain Games website.

Traditionally, SUP Cross is one of the most crowd-pleasing events of the entire weekend. And it didn't disappoint. Longtime competitor Luke Hopkins finally broke through at the games and finished atop the podium with Hilton ending second, again, and Tavares in third. Anna Fisher, Zollinger and Camille Swan finished one, two and three for the women. Check out the full results for the women’s races.

In all, it was fantastic weekend for standup paddling in Colorado as pending rain showers only dowsed the games intermittently. Stay tuned this week as we release our SUP exclusive GoPro Mountain Games video wrap.

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Jonesing for more whitewater SUP competition? Calm your quakes…Payette River Games—the richest race in SUP—is coming up June 19. This video by Pau Hana should hold you over till then.

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