Travis Grant, recent Molokai-2-Oahu winner and Battle of the Paddle contender, dislocated his knee while surfing on Oahu Wednesday, putting his participation in the biggest standup race of the year in question.

“BOP is very, very unlikely for me, ” he told SUP mag.

Grant said his kneecaps were prone to dislocation in his younger years but that he hasn’t aggravated the injury in 10 years.

“I am so bummed,” he said. “I missed BOP California last year due to a fractured elbow, to miss it again this year, because of an injury, sucks.  I was, of course, gunning for a win.”

Grant said he’ll be in Dana Point in case the knee heals quickly but that he doesn’t expect to race.

“If there was no running I would consider racing, but its way too gnarly and dangerous for me to attempt it. You cant win BOP walking the run leg,” he said. “Its only a race at the end of the day, I need my knee for my whole life.”

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