HB Pro Grand Slam Gallery Wrap

It was a big week of competition at Huntington Beach Pro Grand Slam. There was a Standup World Tour surfing event. Then there was a weekend of racing for the Standup World Series. New World Champions were crowned. Performance barriers were pushed. Above, we give you a gallery courtesy photog Greg Panas. Below we give you what you need to know in bite-sized pieces.

What You Should Know


Izzi Gomez won the Huntington Beach Pro for the second year in a row. The win was her third of the season and gave her the Standup World Tour women’s championship. She’s still only fourteen.

Kai Lenny won the Huntington Beach Pro for the second year in a row. He looked confident, cunning, and seasoned. Vaz and Lenny are now neck-and-neck in the ratings heading into the last event of the season in France.

Vaz is confident. He barely lost to red-hot Tahitian Poenaiki Raioha in the semis and was looking razor-blade sharp all week. We were surprised to see him lose, even if it was to two nine-point rides. Don’t expect him to lay down in France.

Raioha can surf. The Tahitian was outmaneuvered in the final but will learn a valuable lesson from the competition. Expect to see a lot more of his raw talent and growing heat knowledge in the future.

Mo Freitas is getting better. Most of us are used to his ridiculous level of talent these days thanks to his excellent web edits. But he’s getting smarter in heats, too.

Candice Appleby will not lay down. She surfed hard against Gomez in the semis and took that energy into the races.

Overall World Tour Results
1) Kai Lenny
2) Poenaiki Raioha
3) Caio Vaz/Mo Freitas

1) Izzi Gomez
2) Nicole Pacelli
3) Candice Appleby/Fiona Wylde


Connor Baxter is really fast. The guy can win in any condition. First he won the sprints on Saturday through the surf. Then he fought off a strong challenge from Australian Jake Jensen in the distance race to take the event title. Oh, and he secured the Standup World Series championship title with another event to go. No ambiguity this year.

is as competitive as they get. She held off all comers to win both the sprints on and the distance race to with the HB Pro race title. She doesn’t mess around. Oh, and she won the overall Grand Slam title too. Not a bad week of competition.

Freitas is getting better at both racing and surfing. He got second overall in the weekend’s race events to Baxter, after an equal third in the surf, earning him the Grand Slam crown for the week. Bam.

Overall World Series Results
1) Connor Baxter
2) Mo Freitas
3) Casper Steinfath
4) Zane Schweitzer
5) Jake Jensen
6) Kai Lenny
7) Arthur Arutkin

1) Candice Appleby
2) Angela Jackson
3) Fiona Wylde
4) Lina Augaitis
5) Talia Decoite