(West Wareham, Mass.) – Building on the success of their 2011 range of standup paddleboards, BIC Sport launches its refined and expanded 2012 SUP collection. Most importantly, the majority of BIC standup paddleboards are now produced directly by BIC Sport at their own eco-friendly manufacturing facility in Europe; well known and proven from the company’s long history in windsurfing and surfing. With 20 models ranging in size from 9′ to 12’6, there’s a board for everyone and every type of condition.

ACE-TEC (Advanced Composite Engineered Technology)
Headlining the new collection is the ACE-TEC series, featuring an exclusive BIC Sport composite construction technology which produces extremely durable, remarkably lightweight and very affordable boards designed for all-around performance. The ACE-TEC line includes three sizes to cover kids through adults, as well as two new wahine (women’s) models featuring lightweight construction and women’s specific colorways.

ACS (Aerated Cellular Structure Technology)
The legendary ACS line-up combines a rugged polyethylene shell with a full polyurethane foam core, at a value price. This combination is ideal for recreational paddlers, and also camps, schools and rental operators. New for 2012 is a 9’4″ kids/women’s model which compliments the all-purpose, user-friendly 10’4″ and 11’4″ sizes. Premium EVA deck-pads for enhanced comfort and durability are now standard on the ACS line.

C-TEC (Custom Epoxy Technology)
The C-TEC series features a full range of boards in custom epoxy constructions. Headlining the C-TEC range is a new dedicated 12’6″ Touring model which blends glide and stability for flatwater cruising, fitness training and adventure paddling. A 12′ Ocean model offers all-around versatility for the smaller riders and advanced open-ocean riders. The best-selling Classic Series is updated with real bamboo construction for enhanced beauty and durability.

Soft and Inflatables
Rounding out the BIC SUP line are two SOFT SUPs featuring the same stable, all-around performance shapes as the flagship ACE-TEC line. These boards feature a durable epoxy board wrapped in soft, comfortable and safe EVA foam and a removable flexible fin. A new rugged Inflatable model is a great option when storage and travel space is limited.

Full product and model specifications available at: BICsup.com