Industry News: Lakeshore Signs Jay Kincaid

Lakeshore Paddleboard Company is proud to announce the signing of a sponsorship agreement with Jay Kincaid to join their 2011 SUP race team.

Jay Kincaid has been in the competitive paddle sports industry since he was 14. His achievements include the 2003 Freestyle Kayaking World Champion, 2005 Freestyle Kayaking World Bronze Medalist, 2002 Pre-Worlds Silver Medalist, and three time US National Kayak Champion.

Jay is currently working in the paddle sports industry as the head of brand development and sales at Glacier Outdoor. In 2010, Jay placed in the top three at all the SUP races throughout the Tahoe Race Series.

“We feel that Jay will become an integral part of the growth and success of the LPC brand”, says company CEO Sean Adlao, “He will be a great ambassador for our company and our products, especially our new highly anticipated 2011 race board – the Stealth.”

The Stealth has been getting a huge response from everyone who has paddled it, or who have just seen it for that matter. It has been scientifically developed over the last couple of years and is based on about 100 years of combined sail boat racing technology. Its cutting edge design along with its beautiful curves
and sexy graphics are what LPC believes is a recipe for success – both in and out of the race scene.

Look for Jay, the Stealth, and the rest of the LPC race team this year to be at a podium near you.