(Encinitas, Calif.) January 20, 2011–Bob Reed and Russell Coble, co-founders of Ohana Paddle Board company announced today that they have selected Encinitas-based Boardworks to manufacture and sell their new category of SUP boards, worldwide. "Our objective is to work with BW to bring a new collection of higher performance boards to a much broader user group,” says Reed. “We will marry the speed of our custom boards with new more stable boards suitable for touring, fitness paddling and citizen racing. The new boards are light, fast and stable."

Boardworks' Mike Fox was equally excited. "We’re flattered that Ohana would select Boardworks to manufacture and market their new boards. Their reputation for performance race boards is virtually unmatched despite their modesty about their successes. They have won 30 of the 42 events they have entered including wins in the Molokai, The Catalina Classic, the Battle of the Paddle in Hawaii and Dana Point, the Worlds in Australia, plus the International and US Championships. Our recent expansion of our inland and coastal waters dealer network will help provide much greater consumer access to these fantastic new products. It will be a great opportunity to bring Ohana technology to more paddlers. We have a special build in mind that will combine all the performance elements in a stable and user-friendly construction. We hope to introduce the new boards by late Spring."