(Newport Beach, Calif.) — Last weekend SUPcore hosted a day of standup paddling activities for Oakley’s Perform Beautifully summit. A group of 30 female athlete ambassadors attended the day of standup paddling at the Dunes in Newport Beach, Calif.

SUPcore's Lauren Peterson, an instructor at the event, gives us a rundown of the day:

At 8 a.m. the group arrived and 30 beautiful Oakley women stepped out of the bus, ready to experience standup paddle yoga and fitness. The SUPcore crew manned their stations and Noelle Kozak, founder of SUPcore, ran through a quick paddle stroke lesson on the beach for the women who were less experienced with SUP.

The group rotated between three stations, including land and water SUP activities. The first station the athlete ambassadors were sent to was SUP yoga on land, where Oakley's Yoga Ambassadors led a workout with SUP boards on Bosu balance trainers. The second station required the women to paddle across the bay to Paul Hiniker's SUPcore Fitness, and the third station gave the group a taste of SUPcore Yoga with myself.

As the group of ladies stepped off the bus they exhibited such athleticism, grace, and confidence, I have to admit I was a little nervous and intimidated to be introducing SUPcore Yoga to such a professional group of accomplished women. Not only were these ladies beautiful on the outside, but they were also beautiful on the inside. The women approached each asana, or posture, on the water with humility and 100 percent effort. They played their edge, and used the breath to achieve the most out of each asana. One of the most challenging poses on a standup paddleboard is vrksasana or tree pose, especially if variables such as current or wind are present. This is where laughter and breath are key. Tree pose teaches us to stay grounded, yet lifted (confident), and focus in the present, breathing through every obstacle that life throws at us. And if anyone happened to lose focus and fall: the best medicine is always to laugh it off, get back on the board and continue on.

The smiles, and laughter shared on the water that morning could be heard across the bay. The positive energy was contagious and it was so much fun sharing my passion for standup paddle yoga with these incredible women.

For more info about SUPcore, visit: SUPcoreacademy.com
For more info about Oakley’s Perform Beautifully, visit: Oakley.com/women