(Costa Mesa, Calif.)–Tahoe SUP and Quickblade Paddles will be introducing a touring-specific, true bamboo veneer paddle. Each paddle will feature a carbon fiber shaft and its own unique bamboo wood grain. Quickblade was the only choice for Tahoe SUP founder, Nate Brouwer, when thinking of a counterpart for the project. "Quickblade is the epitome of quality and innovation in our industry. A real family-run company whose standards set them apart from the rest", says Brouwer. In turn, Quickblade's V.P., Elizabeth Terrell, cites the genuine and honest relationship her family has with the "good people" at Tahoe SUP as the basis for the decision to move forward with the idea. "Tahoe SUP is a class act all around,” says Terrell. “From the great boards they make to the marketing of the brand, we were very impressed."

Both Terrell and Brouwer are excited about the natural beauty of the new touring paddle and how it
perfectly complements the bamboo decks of the Tahoe SUP boards. Elizabeth adds, "We love the beauty
and serenity of Lake Tahoe and it really serves as the inspiration for this paddle."

At a time in the standup paddle industry when designs and concepts are being copied with alarming
frequency, Elizabeth Terrell claims "the time has come" for this paddle. "I really respect that they came to us
[for collaboration on the construction] rather than looking to make a knock off in China. Relationships like this work very well to preserve the quality of the industry".