(San Clemente, Calif.) – The WPA (World Paddle Association) announced today that the upcoming Waterman's Paddle for Humanity race at Dana Point will be an officially WPA-sanctioned event. Paddle for Humanity, which is a fundraiser for SurfAid International, has long been considered one of the premier races on the West Coast. The endorsement further establishes the race's place in competitive paddling and will inevitably draw even more elite athletes.

The Waterman's Paddle for Humanity has seen consistent growth over the last three years, expanding from one event in 2010, to a three event series for 2011. This years events include Dana Point, Calif. April 30, Deerfield Beach, Fla. June 4, and Washington D.C. August 20. The series is expected to draw over a 1,000 participants and raise over $100,000.00 for SurfAId International.

"We are stoked to have the support and endorsement of the World Paddle Association (WPA) for the event," says Pete Stirling of Waterman's Applied Science. "They are doing great things for the sport by organizing and standardizing the way the competitive circuit is run. This gives the event even more credibility and relevance for the elites athletes, something we are very thrilled to have."

"The event is one that is one of the best on the west coast and knowing how well it has been run, who is involved and who it benefits, made sense for WPA to sanction the event and get involved," says Byron Kurt, director of the WPA

This year the WPA will conduct 50 races in eight regions from Hawaii to the Eastern seaboard. The races are all part of an international ranking system that will eventually determine world champions in the sport. The mission of the WPA: to provide a comprehensive voice, fair and equal access and organizational structure to the sport of stand up paddling and its participants in a manner that benefits the paddling community.

For information about the race, registration visit: Paddleforhumanity.org
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