27 North SUP Riders Earn International Rankings

Jupiter, FL., February 28, 2014 – Kieran & Fisher Grant both 27 North SUP riders earn international rankings at The Stand Up World Tour Event in Hawaii. Kieran is ranked an equal 17th and Fisher is ranked an equal 25th. The brothers are also the two highest ranked East Coast Stand Up Tour Riders respectably. The Stand Up World Tour is the Official World Championship Tour for the sport of Stand Up Paddlesurfing. It has grown into a dynamic global sports property with events in 6 countries and with participation from 15 different nations in establishing the undisputed Champion of the World.

"One of our primary goals at 27 North is to sponsor and support up and coming Stand Up Paddle Surfing contenders. It not only keeps us on the forefront of the competitive scene but it also helps us develop a new generation of Stand Up Surfers and gives us invaluable product knowledge," states Mike McGann.

"We are excited to be sponsored by 27 North and have had a great deal of success using their Kevlar paddle. Compared to the competition, the 27 North paddle is indestructible. We never have to worry about equipment failure. We have both been using the 27 North Kevlar paddle for over a year and it hasn't broken yet. Most recently at the SUP World Tour in Sunset Beach, Hawaii, we tested the paddle out on some of the world's most powerful waves and it performed beautifully," states Kieran and Fisher Grant.

About 27 North
The 27 North USA name is derived from a recognizable spot on the Jupiter, FL SUP map. Now 27 North USA has grown into more than just a surf spot on the map, 27 North represents a quality brand. All Kevlar paddles have been tested under both normal and abnormal surf conditions for prolonged periods of time, allowing us to repeatedly monitor the results that ultimately went into the design and construction of the best Kevlar paddle on the market today.

About The Grant Brothers

Kieran and Fisher Grant are sixth generation native Floridians and reside in Winter Park, Florida. Kieran is 21 and recently ranked an equal 17th at the SUP World Tour in Hawaii. He is the number one ranked SUP champion on the East Coast. Kieran started surfing at nine years old and has excelled in the SUP competitive scene over the past few years. In 2012, Kieran was the ESA champion for men's short board and the men's open SUP title. Kieran enjoys chronicling his surfing and SUP competitions by producing short films about his adventures.

Fisher is 17 and recently ranked an equal 25th at the SUP World Tour event in Hawaii, making him the number two ranked East Coast SUP champion. Fisher is also the defending Eastern Open U18 National SUP Champion. He started surfing at age six advanced his skills with contests and heats then moved on to compete on a local, regional and national level. He is currently home-schooled so he can take his education on the road during events. In his free time, Fisher enjoys playing the guitar and painting.

The 27 North Kevlar Paddle will make its debut to the world in May. For more information visit


27 North, launches a Kevlar paddle specifically designed for enhanced performance and light weight strength, backed by a lifetime guarantee. Standup paddle board (SUP) surfing is taking the country by storm and 27 North, a Jupiter, Florida based company is ahead of the curve.

"We are excited about the strength and performance of our Kevlar paddle that our team riders use in competitive paddle surfing, as well as the growing base of stoked customers. The Kevlar material and customized blade design provides the strength the experienced paddle surfer needs as well as the assist paddle surfers of all levels need to catch more waves. We feel our Kevlar paddle and passion for SUP will help to further increase the explosive growth of paddle surfing," states Mike McGann, Founder of 27 North.

About Mike McGann
Mike McGann is a passionate lifelong surfer who grew up in New England and bought his first board at age 11. In 2007, he and his Brazilian born wife Claudette decided to make a fresh start and move to Jupiter, Florida. After the sale of some real-estate property in 2008, they were looking for business opportunities and decided to investigate the new sport of SUP. Together they opened Florida Paddleboards, a store dedicated exclusively to SUP and the SUP lifestyle in Jupiter, Florida. After much research and personal experience with the paddles and materials Mike designed a Kevlar paddle with a unique "flip on the tip" of the blade. Once he got that paddle in his hand in late 2011, he knew we had something different. Mike has paddle surfed with Florida's most talented and radical paddle surfers which allowed them to test Mike's new Kevlar design. The consensus of the Florida paddle surfing group was overwhelmingly positive. They branded the paddle with the name 27 Degrees North, or 27 N which is the coordinate of the Jupiter Inlet, a spot he liked to surf whenever there was a big swell.

The 27 North Kevlar paddle is unlike any other paddle, made to be light and strong and designed for an enhanced SUP performance and it comes with a lifetime guarantee. In May 2014, the 27 North Kevlar Paddle will make its debut to the world.

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