In February of 2013 a team of four friends embarked on a journey of epic proportions. The team traveled to Allahabad, India for the Kumbh Mela festival, the largest gathering of human beings ever recorded. This auspicious gathering occurs once every twelve years and draws over 100 million pilgrims. By bathing at the confluence of India's holiest, yet most polluted rivers, pilgrims seek to cleanse their karma in order to bypass reincarnation.

The Ganges (Ganga), India's most sacred river, originates in the pristine Himalayas, flows 1,500 miles across the Indian countryside and sustains millions of people. In the process it becomes one of the five most polluted rivers in the world.

The objective was to attend the festival, walk with the masses, connect with the culture, and feel the power of one of the world’s “purest” paths to enlightenment. To do this, the group decided that they needed to fully experience life on the Ganges both at the festival and downriver. The team embarked on a 140-mile SUP journey down the Ganges from the Kumbh Mela to India's most sacred city, Varanasi.
The documentary "Kharma Bums," will follow this four-week cultural journey of ups and downs, music and noise, dancing, and splashing, as the team uncovers the beauties and realities of the sacred river.

The Producers
Jeremiah Kent is a Los Angeles based Filmmaker and Cinematographer. Kent has been working on film sets since 1999. He met Co-Producer Ryan Salm on the banks of Lake Malawi in 2010, while traveling on a fourteen-month voyage around the world.

Ryan Salm is a Lake Tahoe based Travel/Adventure Photographer. This adventure was Salm's brainchild, seeded from pictures he saw in his dad's National Geographic magazines growing up.

What They Need
So here's the skinny: The documentary has been shot, and the team has over thirty hours of beautiful footage, but is lacking the funds to bring it to life. As of now, the team has received NO funding for the documentary.
With $25,000 this documentary can be brought to life.


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