Adventure Sports Maui Paddleboard Race

Not wanting to see the Maui Paddleboard Championships disappear this year, Adventure Sports Maui stepped in to carry on where race pioneers John Gangini and Blair Thorndike left off.

The weekend of July 20th will be a special time on the North Shore of Maui. Athletes from all over the world will congregate on the “Valley Isle” in preparation for the Molokai 2 Oahu (M2O) Paddleboard World Championships, elevating the level of competition at the 2014 Adventure Sports Paddleboard Race to a level that is like no other in Hawaii.

This year's race will be the classic Maliko run, ending at the Hawaiian Canoe Club (HCC), where there will be food, beverages, and activities for the keiki. With a distance of 9.5 miles, it is the perfect warm-up for the competitors who will be competing in the M2O the following week.

The race course.

The race course.

Our Kokua: There are not enough programs on Maui that promote both a healthy and active lifestyle and a love of the ocean in our keiki—and those that do exist are often underfunded and struggling. In support of one such program, a portion of the proceeds raised in the Adventure Sports Maui Paddleboard Race will benefit the Hawaiian Canoe Club Keiki Program, a truly worthwhile program that enhances the lives of Maui keiki. While at the end of the day, the Adventure Sports Maui Paddleboard Race is a competition, we strive to support the 'ohana spirit – seeing old friends and making new ones, all while supporting community involvement and programs.

We hope you will join us on July 20th.

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