Starboard is pleased to announce that Benoit Carpentier of Brest, France will join the 2013 International SUP Dream Team. Coming off a competitive 2012 season (7th overall on the Standup World Tour), the young Frenchman will look to take his skills to the next level by riding Starboard's highly technical, lightweight, and stable carbon fiber Surf Pro SUP production boards.

"We are very excited to have Benoit join our team, he is great fit for our brand and for our image in France. Coming from a competitive and successful water sporting family, we feel Benoit will have the necessary support and now products he needs to 'Live the Tiki Life' and to realize his dreams. We look forward to a long and successful partnership with Benoit and his family."

For all the latest updates on Benoit and his progress, check out the website and Facebook page.

Background from Benoit:
I was born in Brest and have always lived near the seaside in Plougonvelin on the coast of the Iroise Sea in Brittany. My parents, windsurfing enthusiasts and former competitors, have brought to my two brothers, my sister and me a whole maritime culture: fishing, sailing (dinghy, cruiser, catamaran), windsurfing, kayaking, diving, snorkeling and surfing.

Of all these experiences, surfing has been the center of the whole family's life. We are used to sharing our boards, so I enjoy trying all types of boards and now I do three disciplines in competition: surf, longboard and standup paddling.

In surf, I'm one of the best Brittany juniors. In longboard, I’m one of the best juniors in France. My favorite discipline and the one I do best in is standup paddling and since 2012, I’m on the Standup World Tour.

Competition motivates me a lot and I also enjoy traveling. These two aspects of surfing give me beautiful human and sporting adventures with seniors to help me grow. It's always exciting and I wish to multiply these kinds of experiences!

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