BIC SUP Announces the New C-TEC TRACER Series

BIC SUP presents an all-new range of BIC SUP Touring-Race boards, the C-TEC TRACER Series (Tracer = Touring-Racer).

These three new boards are targeted at the intermediate- to advanced-level standup paddler looking for a competitive and high-performance SUP for racing, or, a fast board for touring expeditions and/or training.



Constructed with full Innegra-Carbon and weighing in at only 26.5lbs (the smallest board), these new BIC SUP boards fit right in-between the WING and RACE-TEC boards in our range, combining some of the RACE-TEC speed together with some of the WING stability in a very competitive package. The pricing will also be very attractive for the higher-end designs, quality and finish, with all models under $2,000.



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