(Reno, Nevada) — Bill Bahne, who has been creating and innovating board sports for the last 40 years, has joined Open Air Dynamics as Production Manager. In this new role, Bahne is responsible for quality control and will continue to develop and engineer new products and construction processes with Open Air Dynamics founder, Nate Brouwer.

Bahne, who started shaping surfboards in the 1950's, started Bahne Surfboards and Fins Unlimited in the '60's, helped develop the "monoski", an early model snowboard in the '70's, also started Bahne Skateboards during the same period.

"Bill and I first met in Thailand in 2010 and I remember designing some new stuff with him on a napkin in a restaurant", said Brouwer. "We had an immediate, out-of-the-box thinking connection. His background of being able to build anything he could dream of with composites from skis, skateboards, surfboards and snowboards is very inspiring. I just love hanging out with Bill, he has such a positive and forward thinking attitude, it feels like we are kindred spirits."

Brouwer and Bahne share similar visions for innovation and setting out on their own direction. "When I first met Nate, I was impressed with his vision for Tahoe SUP as a brand and wanting to create the perfect Touring SUP, for fun and exploration", said Bahne. "He put aside the idea of just making a surfing SUP like all the other manufacturers and set the brand on a different plateau."

"Now that I am working directly with Nate and Open Air Dynamics, I have the freedom and responsibility to oversee the production of the SUP boards and accessories, making sure that the customers of our products are happy with the designs, durability and quality of our products," said Bahne. "I am very happy to be involved with a great team of people that are open to innovations in manufacturing and design that will make our sport much better. Open Air Dynamics stands for exploration and innovation."

For more information, visit: OpenAirDynamics.com
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