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Blue Planet Inflatable Kickstarter Campaign

Launching a new line of inflatable boards through crowdfunding

Honolulu, Hi, December 19, 2014: Blue Planet is launching a new line of 2014 Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards through a campaign on Kickstarter. The goal is to get more people outside and on the water using convenient inflatable boards with a more rigid construction technology than other inflatables currently on the market. Blue Planet is utilizing the crowdfunding website to obtain funding from individual backers and to test the market demand for the new product line. The goal of the campaign is to raise at least $30,000 in funding by January 5th, 2014 from end users. The campaign is only funded if this goal is reached. As of December 16th, the project is 44% funded with 17 days to go.

As an incentive to back the project, Blue Planet is offering great values to potential backers that are available only to early backers of this project. The available board sizes are 10'0, 10'6, and 12'6 with prices ranging from $849 to $899, which is less than the retail value of the boards. In addition, backers of the project receive a free carbon travel paddle and a free 12V electric high pressure pump (or free shipping in the US). The boards will be delivered in May 2014.

Stand Up Paddling is one of the fastest growing sports in the world for good reason: It can be enjoyed on any body of water, anywhere in the world. It is a great full body, low impact workout that improves balance and core strength. One of the biggest drawbacks of the sport is transporting and storing the large boards required to enjoy the sport. The Inflatable boards solve this problem, they can be rolled up and transported in a back pack, which make them the most convenient boards on the market. In addition they are safer and more durable than conventional hard boards.

Blue Planet Surf Shop is offering free demos of the prototype model at the shop to potential backers on a first come first served basis.

For more information, and to watch the video, please visit the kickstarter campaign at:

Please contact Robert Stehlik or Adam Weitzel for more information on the project at Blue Planet Surf Shop: Tel 808 596 7755

Photos and video available on request.

Thank you and Aloha,
Robert Stehlik

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