(Gardena, Calif.)— A local custom wetsuit company, Carapace Wetsuits, is planning to launch their Kickstarter campaign in order to raise funds to commence production. The Kickstarter campaign will not only help finance minimum order quantities on the materials but also validate the business model.
"By using technology that has never been used within the surf industry, we're bringing a high-quality product at an affordable price," said Co-Founder Andrew Park. "Implementing a crowd-sourcing platform like Kickstarter, we're able to effectively and efficiently communicate our idea to a large audience."
Two local South Bay, Los Angeles surfers started Carapace Wetsuits in 2012. Searching for a perfect fitting wetsuit was nearly impossible and they felt that the mass-manufactured wetsuits found commonly in surf shops did not meet their needs. They found the issue was the case for many surfers and they set out on a yearlong process to figure out how to deliver premium quality custom wetsuits at scale.
Carapace Wetsuits plans to launch their campaign approximately the second week of May, 2013. Potential backers will "pledge" to receive early acess to the product as well as "swag" items which include stickers, earphones, wetsuits, and other surfgear. The company currently has invested in the technology and has the manufacturing capability but lacks the funds to begin production. Currently they are working with a former General Manager of Body Glove international, Mark Malinski, and have secured relationships with all necessary material vendors. The main objectives of the Kickstarter campaign would be to satisfy capital requirements as well as reward early supporters with access to the product.

For more information, please contact Chris Kim: (310) 999-2292 or chris@carapacewetsuits.com.
Or, visit: CarapaceWetsuits.com and Facebook.com/CarapaceWetsuits