Chris Bertish to Finish Transatlantic SUP Crossing March 9

Chris Bertish, internationally acclaimed speaker, big-wave surfer and Guinness SUP world record holder, is about to complete the greatest open ocean adventure ever attempted.

The first, solo, unsupported transatlantic SUP Crossing is anticipated to finish in Antigua on March 9. Bertish launched off the coast of Africa in Morocco on December 6, 2016 and has traversed 4050 nm/7500 km over nearly three months. Now with just over 300 nm and one week to go, Bertish is about to set the most incredible record yet and accomplish what some might have thought to be impossible.

"I can't believe we have almost reached the finish of this incredible journey," commented Bertish. "Painting a smile with every mile I've crossed over the Atlantic has been about changing lives. Knowing the impact this adventure will have has been the driving force that's kept me going strong over the past three months."

The mission of the SUP Crossing is to raise over 1.5 million US dollars for several charitable organizations including The Lunchbox Fund, Operation Smile and Signature of Hope, and leave a lasting legacy that will help generations to follow. Bertish personally committed to funding one operation for a child in Africa through Operation Smile for every world record he achieved on this epic transatlantic journey. He achieved several of them.

In addition to the epic milestone of the transatlantic SUP crossing achievement, Bertish set multiple world records along the route including a new world record for a 24-hour solo, unsupported and unassisted open ocean distance SUP. In comparison, the total distance of the SUP Crossing is 84 times the equivalent of Bart de Zwart's previous world record in 2014. Bertish is no stranger to world records, as he holds multiple SUP distance World Records, as well as the 12-hour SUP Distance Open Ocean Guinness World Record which still stands today.

With Bertish's experience as a keynote and inspirational speaker notorious for inspiring audiences with his tales of courage, determination, and skill to overcome seemingly impossible obstacles in pursuit of his goals and dreams, he said, "Setting and breaking records is all about defying the odds and pushing your own limits until you achieve and surpass your goals.  If at first you don’t succeed, try again, persevere, and never give up."

A hero's welcome is expected on the 9th with a flotilla on the water to guide and encourage Chris to the finish line. Anyone in the Antigua and Leeward Islands area is encouraged to come down to support and celebrate this historic event.  Planning for additional events open to the public including a Q&A session and book signing is currently underway for both Antigua and at the Nanny Cay Resort in the British Virgin Islands. Specific details on these events will follow via his website and social media channels as they become available.

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