Fin Sciences Announces New Line

Fin Sciences (FSI) announces a new line of SUP, longboard, and shortboard fins that feature scientifically proven technology never before utilized in board fin design. FSI uses Winglet technology, commonplace on the end of airplane wings, race car spoilers, submarines, and boat keels to manufacture patented fins with noticeably increased performance.

Paddlers report quicker acceleration, easier paddling, better turning, and longer paddling sessions. FSI's Winglet fin technology incurs less drag, allowing paddlers to save energy moving through the water. Paddlers around the world report GPS testing that proves FSI fins make their boards faster.

The key concept behind FSI fins is that they are extremely efficient — they produce a disproportionate amount of hold and drive for their small size. FSI's initial computational fluid dynamics tests support these claims, demonstrating the validity of FSI's proprietary fin Winglet technology.

Winglets smooth the flow of water, reducing drag, making paddling easier and boards faster.

Winglets smooth the flow of water, reducing drag, making paddling easier and boards faster.

"We have received an enormous amount of positive feedback from our customers, reporting greatly enhanced performance. One SUPer reported he can now spin his 11-foot SUP 180 degrees with one stroke—which he couldn't do before. The rave reviews from our customers, even more than our testing, has verified that the technology works. We're very excited to be the ones evolving fin technology," says Doug Simpson, Founder and Chief Product Engineer of FSI.

FSI currently produces fins for SUPs, longboards and shortboards. The fins are compatible with FCS and standard longboard fin boxes and are available on finsciences.com.

For more information, visit: FinSciences.com
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