The FloatnThang, a fun and unique multi-use floating device, experienced great success on its first day of public sales.

Industry News: Meet The FloatnThang

When Doug Masi, inventor of the FloatnThang, first brought his multi-use floating device on the market, he expected it to be a hit. However, he didn't expect that the entire inventory of the FloatnThang would sell out on the very first day. Prior to its public release, the FloatnThang had already been tested and approved by friends and family, but now the unique product has gained the approval of hundreds of others.

The FloatnThang makes it easy for users to relax in the water. Equipped with two convenient cup holders, the device can be used in conjunction with a paddleboard for relaxed floating, or it can be used alone as a comfortable flotation device. It can also be used as a booster seat or as a temporary boat fender or bumper when docking or tying up with another boat. The FloatnThang can be used while paddleboarding, kayaking, boating, swimming at the lake or pool, and more. The comfortable cushioned backrest and dual cup holders make it convenient for poolside or beach use, too.

I just love this idea for a product. Place it on a paddleboard, built-in beverage holders and it will never leak.

Raoul Martinez, Fox 5 News San Diego station anchor

At the Lake Havasu Boatshow, customers were especially impressed by the fact that the FloatnThang does not have to be inflated and doesn't absorb water, allowing it to dry very quickly. Unlike many other flotation devices, it won't leak water once it is brought onto the boat, car, or house. In addition, the material is lightweight—under 2 pounds— and it is very buoyant, won't chip or peel, and offers cushioned back support. As an added bonus, the FloatnThang is equipped with insets at the bottom that allow users to add LED lights to the cup holders for convenient nighttime use. It is even known to help reduce back pain by offering an ergonomic and comfortable way to float on the water.

"We had an unbelievable first day of sales. We had people hovering around our booth. We were really excited to kick off the boating season by giving people a better way to relax on the water … We're happy to be 'Getting Everyone Float'n Again!'" said Doug Masi, Inventor of the FloatnThang.