June 13, 2017

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Carbon Construction Opens Next Frontier in Inflatable SUP Performance

Hala Gear innovation advances inflatables to rival hardboards

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, COLO. (June 13, 2017): Steamboat Springs, Colo.-based Hala Gear, the leader in performance inflatable standup paddleboard design, logs another advancement in inflatable SUP technology with its new Carbon Construction, blurring the once-distinct line between hardboard and inflatable performance when paddling waves, rapids, or long tours.

The first company to introduce Carbon Construction into the inflatable SUP market, Hala has engineered unidirectional carbon fiber into the top and bottom of its boards to maximize stiffness and responsiveness. The innovation has resulted in a 300 percent increase in rigidity over conventional, non composite-reinforced six-inch-thick inflatables, and a significant performance advantage for Hala boards.

"We were ecstatic to achieve as much as 300 percent rigidity gains from our Carbon Construction," says Hala founder and president Peter Hall. "Other carbon technologies only report marginal gains in the 30- to 40-percent range."

Combined with the company's Fusion Drop Stitch™ construction, Hala Gear inflatable SUPs now boast three-times more rigidity in flex testing, delivering more power and efficiency than any other inflatable product on the market. The carbon stringers can still be rolled up when deflated, preserving the much-desired durability and portability benefits of inflatables. Best yet, most Hala boards featuring Carbon Construction still hit the $1,399 pricepoint.

Hala is employing the new technology in its 2017 tour, surf, and all-around performance SUP lines.

"The 14' Hala Carbon Nass-T is the perfect board for Columbia River Gorge down-winders," says Hala Team Rider Paul Clark. "It’s fast and responsive, with tail to tip rigidity that translates to dynamic paddling, like catching bumps and riding them out. The carbon stringer makes the board feel way more stable than its 26-inch width indicates."

Clark also tested the surf-specfic Hala Carbon Playa in Dana Point, Calif., with the same rave review. "This board has a completely new feel," he says. "It’s super responsive and rigid. It's fast, nimble and edgy, letting you carve the 4.75" rails in and out of the wave face. In surf it is a true longboard, allowing for long rides down the line and making it easy to get past the impact zone."

Hall adds: "We've been working on this technology for several years and we are pumped to see it finally come to life. It's a huge leap forward in inflatable SUP design."

About Hala Gear: Launched in 2011 by Steamboat athlete Peter Hall, Hala Gear, with a meticulous design and testing process, produces a complete array of inflatable stand-up paddleboards whose collection delivers maneuverability, stability, performance and durability to whitewater, surfing, touring, racing and expedition categories. Hala Gear boards are performance shaped, super durable, and excel in all waterways.