The Eastern Surfing Association is thrilled to have Ransom Surf Wax as their official surf wax sponsor for 2013.

Ransom eco-friendly surf wax was launched in SoCal in early 2000 as the sister brand to Sticky Bumps. The brand image is a natural, more core, grass roots style with a focus on local groms, school surf teams and contest surfers. This approach has led to organic market growth, driven by passion for a new wax with great application and performance and a young vibe.

"Wax Research is excited to be involved with the ESA's 2013 surfing competitions. With over 80 combined years in the industry, both Wax Research and the Eastern Surfing Association share the same dedication and love for surfing that Ransom strives to uphold," says Wax Research President, John Dahl. "We are stoked to be a part of the ESA's ongoing efforts to promote, preserve and protect surfing on the East Coast."

"Ransom is a great fit for the members of the ESA," says Michelle Sommers, ESA Executive Director. "Ransom works insane and it's eco-friendly, which is very important to surfers. We're really stoked to have Ransom on board for 2013!"

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