Travel packages for the Hennessey's-WPA World Paddle Championships are now available to book for all competitors and family members who want to participate in the Open race and qualified Elite competitors for the World Championship race. The travel packages provide an incredible deal for all who want to go to Cabo San Lucas to compete, vacation and have a great time with family and friends.

Hennessey's, in cooperation with SUP Mexico and the Royal Solaris, have the following hotel, flight, rental car and board transfer services available:
Pool, Garden or City View room Double occupancy $88 USD per person, per night
Pool, Garden or City View room Single Occupancy $148 USD per night

All-inclusive rates consist of:
• All meals
• All alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
• Dinners at a la carte restaurants
• Room service 24-hours
For special rates you must book your reservation through:
Erika Roman –, 1.800.727.5737
Mention World SUP Championships to honor the rates
National Car Rental – use discount code: SMC
Alaska Airlines – use discount code: ECMG852

Board Shipping:
Cost: $150 round-trip; $85 one way (insurance is included)
Last day to ship: Thursday, October 18th
*NOTE: Payment must be received before shipping. Send money to PayPal –
Contact info: SUP Mexico / Gabriela Coronado Corral / Arnian

Racer Transportation:
All-inclusive transportation includes the following:
Friday: Royal Solaris – Palmilla – Royal Solaris
Saturday: Royal Solaris – Punta Gorda (Race Site) – Palmilla – Royal Solaris
Sunday: Royal Solaris – Palmilla (race site) – Royal Solaris – Don Sanchez – Royal Solaris
Cost: $30 USD – Round-trip transportation all weekend

PayPal –
Transportation union laws in Los Cabos require that all person using arranged transportation have their names registered 2 weeks prior to use of transportation. Therefore, all payment must be made by Thursday October 18th in order for us to turn in the list by Friday, October 19th.


Event Information:
Entry Fees are $200 for Saturday and Sunday races and includes:
• Tickets for welcome party, lunch ticket for both days, closing ceremonies party open bar and all you can eat.
• Racing Jersey
• Hobie by Hurley Phantom Board Shorts
• Poster and goodies
Relay Race fee is $105 per team (most of the people will pay cash for this on site), and includes:
• Tickets to welcome party
• Sunday lunch ticket
• Event t-shirt

Race Schedule:
Thursday, November 1st
• 8:00 pm. Welcome dinner for Athletes and Staff at Royal Solaris.
Friday, November 2nd
• 4:30 – 7:00 pm Opening Ceremonies at Palmilla Beach (competitors and sponsors only)
Saturday, November 3rd
• 7:00 am Racers Registration Lobby Hotel Royal Solaris
• 8:00 am Racers Meeting
• 10:00 am 11-mile P2P Race, Punta Gorda-Palmilla (approx. 3 hours)
• 10-12 pm SUP Demo's
• 1:30 pm Performance Paddling Kids SUP Camp
• 2:45 pm Kids Race
• 6:30-10 pm Beach Concert @ Palmilla Beach (TBD)
Sunday, November 4th
• 8:00 am Racers Registration at Palmilla Beach
• 8:45 am Racers Meeting at Palmilla Beach
• 9:30 am 4-mile Elite & Open Race (approx. 1.5 hours)
• 11:00 am SUP Demos
• 1:30 pm Relay Race
• 2:30-4:30 pm SUP Demos
• 4:30 pm Closing Ceremonies and Turtle Release
• 8:00 – 12:00 am Awards Ceremony and Dinner Party at Don Sanchez Event Center

Race Courses:
11-Mile (Point to Point) Saturday, 10:30am

The 11-mile point to point race will start east of the race site from Palmilla Beach at Punta Gorda. It will be a beach start and beach finish at Palmilla beach. Typically the waves are not an issue at the start location and the conditions are downwind, however conditions can change day to day. This is a great paddle on the Sea of Cortez, even if you’re not competitive. Boards and competitors will be transported from Palmilla Beach to the start at Punta Gorda (see the course map above).

NOTE: Pending conditions the event organizers have the right to change the start and course to keep the competitors safe and to meet the daily time schedule of events.

WPA Gate Course: Open Race (3.2 miles), Sunday, 9:30am; Elite Race (4.8 miles), 11am

The Open and Elite competitors will compete on the first ever "WPA Gate Course" (shown above). This technical course is the shape of two half-diamonds with a gate (two buoys) at the top and bottom of the course. The paddler will have the option to round the top Gate either right shoulder or left shoulder. This will allow competitors the unique choice of paddling on the right or left side of the course based on his/her position and course conditions. Each paddler will round a total of three buoys per lap. The beach start and finish will take place on the beautiful sands at Palmilla Beach.
Start: On Palmilla Beach, competitors will race out to sea approximately .4 miles from the beach to the first gate.
First Gate 1: Competitors will have the choice of rounding the right or left buoy. Once a paddler selects the side of the course they are going to paddle they MUST continue on the same side of the course to the next offset buoy (Mark 2) slightly outside the paddling line from the start to the first set of gate buoys.
Offset Mark 2: Competitor's will round the offset mark on either the left or right side of course depending on the side they rounded the first gate (if rounded the right gate bouy you would round the right offset buoy).
Beach Mark 3: Competitor's will round the Beach Mark on their respective side of the course merging back into the center of the course completing the first lap.
2nd Lap: Once competitors have rounded Mark 3 they will begin the next lap back out through the center of the course to the first gate where again they will have the choice of taking either the left or right side of the course regardless which side of the course you paddled the previous lap (it is your choice each lap).
The only time you may change the side of your course is when you start a new lap after Mark 3. Approximately 25-30 feet (9-10 meters) will be the distance between the gate buoys at each end of the course. The Open competitors will round the mark 3 gate buoys that will be set close to the beach and the Elite competitors will dismount their board while keeping control of their own board/paddle (no caddies) and run up the beach 10-12 feet (3-4 meters) with their board and paddle, rounding their course side of Mark 3 and then re-enter the water to start their next lap. The Open competitors will paddle a total of 3-4 laps and the Elite competitors will paddle 5-6 laps depending on race day conditions and length of course. Both sides of the course will be set at an equal distance to each other.

Relay Race
Relay Teams: Costumes encouraged!
• 4 total racers per team (3 amateur racers and 1 pro)
• 1 female minimum per team
• Each pro's name will be pulled out of a hat by team day of
• Entry Fee $105 per team

For more information, visit: or