(San Francisco, Calif.) — Ocean Lineage, leading North American distributor, is excited to announce it’s new partnership with BOGA Standup Paddleboards, a trendsetting manufacturer in the standup paddleboard industry. The sales and distribution relationship established with Ocean Lineage expands BOGA’s strategy to service retailers faster and more efficiently resulting in increased sales.
The new partnership aligns BOGA with a major lineup of standup paddleboard related products currently carried by Ocean Lineage— including respected brands Coreban SUP, OnitPro and Monster Paint— creating a dynamic relationship in the SUP industry. Focused on innovative design, shapes, and technologies, BOGA is established as a premier lifestyle brand for both retailers and paddlers alike. The BOGA brand hosts an impressive range of paddleboards and paddles, including the BOGA Yoga, recreation, surf and race shapes.

As the SUP market continues its rapid growth, BOGA is focused on solving its retailers growth challenges. Ocean Lineage’s solutions allow dealers a single point of service to access multiple SUP related products and accessories, bundling orders for volume discounts and saving valuable margin (and time) to grow their businesses.
“Ocean Lineage is extremely proud to announce that Boga will become a flagship line for our distribution network. The owners of Boga have worked tirelessly to establish a line of fresh, quality and affordable paddleboards that truly sell themselves. We couldn’t be more excited to work with such a well known brand and such great people. Our retailers have always been our priority and they will benefit greatly from this partnership,” said Ryan Dubach, CEO of Ocean Lineage.

"Ocean Lineage allows BOGA to continue to provide a personal relationship with our retailers and customers while increasing ordering efficiencies, dealer margins and availability of BOGA products throughout our growing territories," stated Dave Meyler, President of BOGA Paddleboards. "Additionally, the partnership allows BOGA to further focus on the development of new products and technologies to meet growing consumer demands."

For more about Ocean Lineage, visit: OceanLineage.com
For more about BOGA, visit: BOGAboards.com