SIC MAUI is pleased to announce industry vet and former GM of Surftech John Griffith as Global Brand Manager. John brings 25+ years of industry experience to SIC and will be the driving force in the brand’s global proliferation. Furthermore, he will ensure that the brand grows responsibly and that it maintains the core DNA that has made SIC the high quality brand that it is today- i.e. innovation, performance and quality. John will also help to broaden the SIC board range and product offering continuing the transformation from the fastest open-ocean / downwind board into one of the most complete and comprehensive SUP brands in the world.

John has been part of the SUP industry from its earliest days, he is truly one of the pioneers as he was involved in bringing the first production boards to market working with legends like Laird Hamilton and Ron House and now will be working along-side fellow SUP Pioneer and SIC "Shaping Guru", Mark Raaphorst.

“Anyone who really knows SUP knows that SIC is the real deal. You cannot buy innovation, authenticity and core credibility, you have to earn it, and Mark has certainly done this. SIC's reputation stems from the core surf and paddling culture in Hawaii, however, it has done what all brands strive for; it has become a global phenomena in the downwind competition and recreational glide scenes. The brand boasts some of the best paddlers in the world on its team and is also humbled by how many of the best paddlers in the world choose SIC boards as their weapon of choice when racing Maliko or the Molokai to Oahu races. SIC has [earned] this reputation and its reputation is second to none," said John.

John further commented about the SIC organization, which was purchased by Flow Sports in June of 2012: "They have a great management team, and highly skilled teams in sales, marketing and customer service. They have embraced the core essence of what has made SIC successful and elevated it to the world stage by putting together the infrastructure needed to build the brand into a global leader. Previously, the only way to get an SIC board was through the custom shop in Maui with a 4 month wait. I’m excited to introduce this legendary brand and range of boards to retailers and consumers around the world, and I’m honored to be associated with SIC.”

Anthony Scaturro, President and CEO of Flow Sports / SIC also shared his excitement in bringing John to SIC: "We are honored to have John join the team. He comes to the company with tremendous industry experience and connections, which will be key to helping SIC realize its ambitions, which includes becoming one of the leading SUP brands in the world. It also helps that he is great guy and has a stellar reputation in the industry. In the spirit of keeping all things real, John is quite a strong surfer and paddler. With Mark on the design side and John on the business side, SIC will become a force to be reckoned with."

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