NSP Surf and Standup Paddleboards is elated to announce the signing of Australian, Travis Grant current ISA World SUP Race Champion to its team.

As one of the worlds's most highly regarded and winning SUP Racers, as well as a highly decorated outrigger canoe paddler, surfer and ocean athlete, Travis joins NSP and signifies the intention of the brand’s full launch into the racing category of SUP.

"I'm pumped to be involved with the NSP Racing project, I have a lot of input into the designs and, combined with high quality production, there will be some very exciting race boards in 2013," said Travis.

"Travis is looking for the edge on his competition. We're so excited about him working with our shapers, watching him compete on NSP at the elite level and for us to be able to take those boards to market globally," said Chris Chamberlain, NSP Brand Manager.

Travis joins NSP along with leading Australian board designers Alain Teurquetil and Dale Chapman of DC Paddleboards. Travis started his career on DC's and the reunion sees them hard at work again to redefine the word 'fast.'

Craig Loomes of Lomocean, designer of the world ocean circumnavigation record holder 'Earthrace,' later named 'Adi Gil' by Sea Shepherd, then infamously rammed by a Japanese whaling ship, also joins the NSP team to bring hydrodynamic, leading edge and functional SUP's to market.

NSP is the world's largest supplier of surf and standup paddleboards has redesigned its 2013 SUP Range with 5 different constructions, including the patented 'Coco Mat' technology. With input from Travis in creating leading-edge race designs and the launch of the racing category, NSP from offers 'first board to first place'.

DC and Lomocean designed NSP Paddleboards are expected to be released in the first half of 2013.

The 2013 NSP SUP Range hits stores in December 2012. NSP boards are available at surf shops across the country or online at SurfIndustries.com.