The World Paddle Association in cooperation with Hobie and Hennessey's Inc. announces the 2012 United States Paddle Championships. The Hobie-Hennessey's U.S. Paddle Championship will include both standup paddling and paddle boarding divisions to be held on June 2, 2012 at Dana Point, California at Doheny State Beach.

Hobie and Hennessey's has supported paddling boarding for 17 years and started including the sport of Stand Up Paddling in the Hennessy's events in 2006. "We are extremely excited to have partner's like Hobie and the World Paddle Association to conduct paddle board events in the Hennessey's Racing Series. Our partner's, Hobie and the World Paddle Association share the same vision is to grow the sport of paddling and take the sport to the next level", states Tim Ritter, race director for Hennessey's Racing.

The Hobie-Hennessey's U.S. Championships are conducted in cooperation with the World Paddle Association which rules and guidelines were put in place to be fun, fair and consistent with the current 2012 World Paddle Association SUP Rulebook. All participants should review and know the rules of stand up paddling to help you in your efforts and maximize your success. Be sportsmanlike and enjoy the sport of stand up paddling. For more information with the WPA-Hennessey's race series go to and