Kai Lenny, three-time Standup World Tour champion, two-time Standup World Series winner and reigning Battle of the Paddle king, signed with iconic surf brand Hurley late last week, according to Hurley’s blog.

Lenny is the epitome of a wave-riding athlete, exceeding in not only standup paddling but also kitesurfing, windsurfing and prone surfing. He’s as marketable and well-spoken as they come.

From the release: “We’re happy to announce the addition of perpetual waterman and Stand Up Paddle World Champion Kai Lenny to Hurley. Passionate and committed to his water-centric life, Kai has already gathered an impressive number of accolades at the young age of 21. He is a six-time Stand Up Paddle World Champion, the 2013 SUP World Race and Wave Champion, as well as a stand-out in recent paddle sessions at Jaws. We’re stoked to have Kai on board, and we look forward to great, barrier-breaking things to come.”

Us too.

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