Kumo Board is safe, friendly fun for anyone.

Kumo Board is safe, friendly fun for anyone.

Kumo Board Reinvents the Balance Board with Soft, Portable, Versatile Design

Wooden and plastic materials replaced with durable yet soft high-pressure inflation technology, opens up activity to wider audience, more uses, easy travel

Melbourne, Florida. (December 26, 2016)

Balance Boards have been around since at least the 1950s. Today they're more popular than ever as a fun and effective way to develop, improve and maintain agility, core strength and of course, balance. But they're made of wood and hard plastics, making them intimidating to use for novices, kids and seniors, and uncomfortable for uses besides standing. They also lack adjustability to match different skill levels and types of use and are difficult to transport and store. Kumo Board co-creators Dan Smith and Jimmy Blakeney have solved these challenges by reimagining what balance boards are made of, what they can do and who they're for.

"I've had balance boards in my house for as long as I can remember. I love using them to keep my balance honed, plus they're just a lot of fun," stated Kumo Board co-creator Jimmy Blakeney. "Now that I have kids I'm afraid they'll hurt themselves or breaking something in the house because all balance boards are made of either wood or hard plastic materials." One day when talking to friend and now business partner Dan Smith they struck on the idea to use high-pressure inflatable technology, similar to what's used for rafts, to create a soft yet rigid board that would be better for kids and novices. A year and half of prototypes, testing and fine tuning later and Kumo Board was born. The patent-pending design and high-pressure inflatable technology make the board, roller and air cushion soft and user-friendly, unlike any other balance board on the market. Inflation is easy with any bike pump, electric car tire inflator or air compressor, while deflation is simple using an included deflator. Adjusting the inflation level allows users to customize the board, roller and air cushion to their skill level and size. A wide range of settings are possible using various configurations of the air-filled board, roller and cushion, each lending themselves to various activities.  "As we've tested and refined the product more and more uses keep surfacing", explained Dan Smith. "The fact that it's soft and adjustable makes it ideal for so many activities it's unreal." From fitness and yoga to physical therapy, boardsport training, indoor family fun, standing desk pad, massage roller and more, Kumo Board offers something for everyone at every stage of life. For those on the go or looking to save space all components deflate and pack down to a compact, portable size. Kumo means Cloud in Japanese. "We think it's the perfect name because being on a Kumo Board is like balancing on a cloud."

Kumo Board is live on Kickstarter now, which is the first opportunity to pre-order. As with most Kickstarter campaigns discount pricing is being offered for a limited number of 'early adopters' who support the project early on.

Go to our Kickstarter.

For more information visit www.kumoboard.com or contact Jimmy and Dan at info@kumoboard.com.


CONTACT INFORMATION:  www.kumoboard.com     | info@kumoboard.com | 401-572-7989

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Fitness – Ideal for fitness use thanks to soft and comfy materials that are enjoyable to interact with and eliminate pinched fingers and toes common on wooden and plastic boards. Infinite adjustability in settings and configurations amplifies the benefits of other balance boards. A fitness program is currently being developed with Manic Training.

Yoga – The board by itself is a unique and versatile yoga prop that expands on the benefits of yoga blocks by offering a platform that can be used to modify yoga poses to make more vigorous or more gentle. Rocker in board creates additional challenge for various poses, similar to Paddleboard Yoga. At low pressure the board can assist with comfort in seated and kneeling positions.

Massage Roller – The roller by itself functions as a compact and portable "foam" roller that adjusts to the users preferred firmness from extra firm to super soft.

Indoor Family Fun – Thanks to soft and non-marking materials Kumo Board is ideal for indoor use. Kids, adults and seniors all benefit from these user-friendly materials for a wide variety of indoor activities.

Physical Therapy – Using just the board creates a terrific rehab, prehab stability cushion with infinite settings. One Kumo Board replaces a closetful of varying density foam pads, simplifying and improving rehabilitation programs involving these common PT items.

Standing Desk – By itself Kumo Board works great as a standing desk pad. Built-in rocker in the board creates an active, engaging experience where the user is constantly changing positions, a proven way to reduce back pain and fatigue associated with sitting for extended periods of time

Boardsport Training – With skateboarding and surfing now officially in the Olympics the Kumo Board is more relevant than ever. Thanks to the dual nature of both front to back and heel to toe balance challenge (with roller partially inflated) Kumo Board helps develop the deep balance needed to excel in boardsports.


  • Curve, or rocker, is built into the board, which engages balance muscles even while using the board by itself.
  • Rocker in board allows you to turn board curved ends down for a more user-friendly/easy experience, or curved ends up for a more challenging experience when using with the roller
  • Comfortable and grippy EVA pad on top
  • High-pressure technology allows board and roller to adjust from super soft to extra firm
  • Durable and Weather Resistant – works on any smooth surface both indoors and out
  • Carry handles allow for attachment of fitness bands and accessories
  • Uses standard bicycle pump, electric pump or air compressor for easy inflation
  • Valve cap features built-in deflator for easy and quick deflation when needed


  • Dan Smith is an engineer/entrepreneur who came up with the original idea for an inflatable balance board.  Dan owns and operates a successful stand up paddleboard retail business and has developed a robust community around the sport while constantly tinkering and coming up with good ideas.
  • Jimmy Blakeney is a former US National Champion paddler and has 25 years of experience in the outdoor and action sports industries successfully building better brands, products and instructional programs.  He has won numerous "Gear of the Year" awards from Outside Magazine and other publications as co-designer of kayaks and stand up paddleboards and is host of the most viewed Stand Up Paddleboard instructional video series on the web.