(Hammond, Ind.) — Leon's Triathlon, known as 'the world's fastest Olympic triathlon,' will include a standup paddleboard (SUP) division in its 2013 running, June 1 – 2, 2013. Athletes participating in the SUP division will race SUP in place of the traditional swim leg of the triathlon.

The SUP leg of the race will be a 4km race set up close to the beach for maximum visibility to spectators and press. SUP triathletes will have to navigate around a series of buoys to complete the SUP course, adding technical challenge. Upon completing the course, SUP triathletes will dismount their boards and run up the beach to the staging area where they will transition to bikes and join the triathletes who participated in the swim division.

This will be an historic, first-ever SUP division to run in a USA Triathlon regional qualifying race. It will also be a first-ever nationally televised triathlon to feature SUP.

Triathlete and former endurance motocross racer Leon Wolek founded Leon's Triathlon in 1983. Leon and his family had noticed that all of the major triathlon events focused on pros, not amateurs, so they pioneered the first Amateur National Championship in triathlon, an event that continues in the sport to this day.

Leon's Triathlon benefits Team RWB, an organization working to assist veterans returning from active service. The Team RWB mission is to enrich the lives of America's veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity.

The race venue will include a Demo Day with SUP clinics for those that would like to try stand up paddle boarding. Athletes that do not own SUPs will be able to rent a board if they choose to do the SUP portion of the race. You must reserve a board on Saturday if needed. There will be several major brands represented.

The Leon's Triathlon SUP TRI race is presented by Starboard Standup Paddleboards and Paddleboard Specialists. Starboard is one of the world's largest producers of high-performance standup paddleboards and Paddleboard Specialists is one of the nation's leading retailers of standup paddleboards and related equipment.

Lucas Oil is proud to partner with Leon's Triathlon in this history-making event. Keeping with the tradition of creativity and innovation, the first turn of the SUP leg will be named the Lucas Oil Hole Shot. Lucas Oil will offer free oil changes for a year to the first person who reaches the first turn buoy first.

For more information, contact Matt Lennert, SUP TRI Race Director: 630.209.2038, mlennert@sbcglobal.net
Or, visit: LeonsTriathlon.com