Paddling and outdoor enthusiasts around the world have embraced the thrill and excitement of night time paddling with the NOCQUA 2000 and now have the added capability of color. The NOCQUA Spectrum, from NOCQUA Adventure Gear, is now available as the latest addition to the company's family of waterproof LED lighting systems. Like the NOCQUA 2000, the NOCQUA Spectrum attaches to any standup board, kayak or canoe to light the water for a unique on-the-water experience that is now easier than ever and offered in a spectrum of colors.

The multi-purpose waterproof LED lighting system is flexible and durable, which allows the lights to be used in multiple ways, wherever and whenever. Whether lighting the water under a SUP or kayak or illuminating a campsite or worksite, the NOCQUA Adventure Gear's innovative harness will detach and transfer to brighten any application. NOCQUA Spectrum offers the choice of seven different colors in one complete package, including low white, bright white, red, blue, green, purple, teal, and orange. By the press of a button one can choose their color or experience, such as party mode (disco strobe), 5 second color scroll or S.O.S safety strobe. The system includes an in-line switch, which allows one to choose a color or mode, and features a battery power indicator.

"From the moment we introduced the NOCQUA 2000, we have had customers asking for a version that features colors," said Billy Rossini, company founder and inventor. "This was especially the case with anglers who love to debate which color works best for fishing and with paddleboard yoga enthusiasts who see this as a great way to grow the practice on the water. Plus the cool experience of night paddling just got cooler with color."

The easy-to-assemble kit takes just minutes to attach to a board, kayak or canoe. With the included proprietary harness system the lights can be removed without causing damage or requiring modifications to existing equipment. The NOCQUA Spectrum includes two waterproof LED lighting tracks, an adjustable harness, a 12V lithium ion rechargeable battery pack and charger, an in-line switch, a "Y" connecter to power both light bars with one battery, and two extension straps to ensure flexibility in use.

"NOCQUA Spectrum is only the latest product from NOCQUA Adventure Gear", added Rossini, whose mission is to make watersports and outdoor activities more accessible and enjoyable to everyone. The NOCQUA team hopes customers will use their products as a means to connect with the environment around them and create new shared experiences with family and friends.

The NOCQUA Spectrum will be available at watersports and outdoor gear retailers, starting December 1, 2013, or ordered on-line for $399.99.

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