PaddleFit Announces Nationwide Tour and Program Updates

PaddleFit, the only comprehensive SUP and outdoor fitness training and coaching system, announced plans to host certification courses across the US and Canada in Spring 2014. PaddleFit founder Brody Welte and his experienced coaching team will bring their unique combination of paddling technique, coaching, and land-based workouts to various cities this spring and early summer, including:
•Key West, FL
•Tampa, FL
•San Diego, CA
•New Orleans, LA
•Phoenix, AZ
•Jupiter, FL
•Grand Rapids, MI
•New York City Area
•Tulsa, OK
•Toronto, ONT, Canada
•Fenwick Island, DE/Ocean City, MD
*More locations to be added

First time attendees who sign up will go through the PaddleFit Level One foundational course, which includes SUP basics instruction, water safety and rescue practices. People who have already achieved Level One certification can take the Level Two course, which focuses on SUP technique training and coaching and prepares coaches to conduct on-water and outdoor coaching and workout sessions. Those who have completed Level Two progress to Level Three, concentrating on advanced paddling techniques, creating complete fitness programs and designing individual plans based on client needs and ability.

"PaddleFit's goal has always been to create a community of people who are passionate about fitness, SUP and being active outdoors," Welte said. "There's just as much opportunity to build a thriving PaddleFit affiliate away from the coast and that's why we're holding clinics across the country, not just in cities on the Atlantic or Pacific."

In addition to announcing the spring tour dates, PaddleFit also recently refined its Level 1, 2 and 3 program offerings and coaching curriculum. In working with everyone from recreational athletes, to top SUP pros like Slater Trout, to legendary watermen like Dave Kalama, Welte and his team are continually refining the PaddleFit programs to meet the fitness/training needs of men and women of all ages and abilities.
PaddleFit offers participants:

• A system-based approach combining water-based and outdoor, land-based training elements to help meet any fitness goal
• Expert SUP instruction tailored to everyone from beginners to athletes
• Experienced instructors who assess each participant and set up a tailored training plan
• Race-focused and offseason training
• Maximum value with monthly or per-session pricing options

Participants who complete all three PaddleFit certification levels are eligible to open their own PaddleFit affiliate training centers. The affiliate program has grown quickly since launching in July 2013, with 10 domestic and three international affiliates now open. Affiliates receive many benefits, including detailed monthly programming, access to exclusive deals with brand partners, an exclusive territory and more.
Darren Petterson is the latest PaddleFit coach to open an affiliate, Knee Deep Living, in Grand Haven, Michigan.

“It’s not only fun to be a part of the paddleboard community, but as a PaddleFit affiliate, it’s exciting to be a leading ambassador of the sport," Petterson said. "We firmly believe that it’s more than just standup paddleboarding – it's a lifestyle! We love that the PaddleFit system combines all of our favorite things: having fun and getting fit, while being outside and on the water."

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