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PaddleFit Announces Partnership with Stand Up Paddling Pioneer Dave Kalama

Partnership is crafted to continue the expansion of the comprehensive SUP coaching program, by co-creating elite level coaching experiences and coaching tools as well as SUP specific events.

San Diego, CA, April 8, 2015 – PaddleFit, the world's only comprehensive SUP and outdoor fitness coaching system, today announced a partnership with SUP pioneer Dave Kalama. Kalama will bring his vast SUP and coaching knowledge to PaddleFit's already exceptional program and use his expertise to create elite level coaching experiences and coaching tools as well as events to continue the growth of the sport.

PaddleFit has been educating coaches since 2009 when it launched its first certification program. Having been familiar with the program since its inception, Kalama believes that the time is right to join the PaddleFit team. "My passion is teaching and sharing stand up paddling, and partnering with PaddleFit I will increase the quality of my message to a much larger audience. PaddleFit's reputation as the leader in certification and teaching of stand up paddling, allows us to safely and effectively teach stand up paddling and insure it's continued growth and development in a healthy direction."

Brody Welte, CEO of PaddleFit is excited to bring the legendary waterman on to his team. "PaddleFit's vision has always been to create the most comprehensive fitness and SUP program by surrounding ourselves with the world's best and Dave Kalama fits this criteria 100%" Welte said. "Obviously Dave is a legend but to us, more importantly, he is an outstanding individual as well as being the best SUP coach in the world and one of the better coaches of any sport and to have him on our team is a game changer for us."

There is no doubt as to Kalama's impact on the the watersports world. Kalama was a world champion windsurfer in the 90's and winning the 2010 Molokai to Oahu race made him a world champion in SUP as well. Dave is also credited with playing a major role with the innovation and invention of two sports, one being SUP and the other was being a part of the original "Strapped Crew" who invented tow-in big wave surfing.

Kalama has made the transition from a world class athlete to an outstanding shaper and coach. He is the lead designer and shaper for Imagine Surf and has his own line of SUPs. Dave's coaching expertise is valued by many water enthusiasts and is accessible through his Kalama Kamps and clinics at various locations throughout the world.

PaddleFit plans to utilize Kalama's expansive influence to fuel future growth. "Dave's global reach is unprecedented when it comes to watersports." Welte said. "We are in over 20 countries and having Dave as a part of the team will only help our growth as well as guide us as we expand on both our reach and our offerings."

About Dave Kalama
Dave Kalama is a big wave surfer/tow-in surfer, stand-up paddle (SUP) surfer and racer, surf and SUP board shaper, windsurfer, outrigger canoe racer, private adventure guide, and celebrity water-sports enthusiast. Dave has a long history of pioneering and developing watersports including tow-surfing and stand up paddling. He resides in Maui, Hawaii. www.davidkalama.com

About PaddleFit
PaddleFit is headquartered in San Diego, CA, USA and offers professional educational opportunities throughout the globe for coaches and business owners who want to learn the PaddleFit method with its multilayer educational program. PaddleFit has over 1000 coaches in 20+ countries. For more information on PaddleFit, call 619-333-0787, e-mail getfit@paddlefitpro.com or visit www.paddlefitpro.com