Riviera Announces New Team Rider Rob Rojas

Riviera Paddlesurf announced today the addition of Rob Rojas to their team. Rob is a longtime friend of Riviera and we couldn't be happier to have him in the family. We are excited to get Rob on the new race and surf models, as well as work on some unlimited raceboards in 2014.

"First off I have always wanted to know if there is a blood relationship between Brad Rambo and the legendary American Hero, John Rambo,” says Rojas. “Legend has it that only Riviera Team Riders know the secret.

I grew up in San Clemente and moved to the Riviera neighborhood in 1987 when my parents finished building their house there. I hammered some of the nails that hold that house together. I have always had pride in my home and where I grew up. Over the years, Riviera State Beach has always been a place where I have surfed, bodysurfed, dove, hung out with friends and family, and its always served as a place to sit down, relax, and look out over the water at one of many San Clemente sunsets and give thanks for this wonderful life.

I started paddling in 1994 and started standup paddling in 2006. I competed in my first SUP race in 2008 and its been a wild ride ever since. Since 2008, I have known the Riviera Paddlesurf Family and I enjoyed seeing their progression and growth within the SUP Industry to one of the most progressive and largest brands out there. With this, the Riviera Paddlesurf Family has still managed to flood San Clemente as well as the Standup Community with their sense of family and generosity.

I am stoked and excited to be able to be a part of the Riviera Paddlesurf Family along with my son, who is part of their junior team. I look forward to a long and lasting relationship with the Riviera Paddlesurf Family and I am so stoked to be a part of this great sport!"

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