(San Clemente, Calif.) – We have been watching the steady growth of yoga on paddleboards for some time and noticed that most of the yoga boards on the market are SUP surf boards that are simply called yoga boards.

After consulting with many of our yoga friends, we discoved that they had a real need for a board that was designed specifically for yoga- not a paddleboard you can use for yoga, but a real yoga board that considered yogis’ needs. We approched the design of the board from a whole new perspective, the first being a platfom for yoga, then second as a paddleboard. Through this design approach we have come up with a board that is stable enough for practicing yoga poses, but is a still a fun board to paddle. We've added four anchor points, nose to tail deck pad, and the model is available in muted earth tones.

The new board will be available early 2014.

For more information, visit: RivieraPaddlesurf.com