SCUBAJET Presents New Slim Design and Function Ring For Divers

The new SCUBAJET is setting standards in development of simple, electric add-on power for water sports.

3-phase sinus power management system guarantees high thrust

The result of an extensive development process is a brand new SCUBAJET, an even smaller version of the jet engine with streamline-optimized design and simpler handling. Due to the redesign the team was able to improve the power-to-weight ratio among other things. With its 43cm (16") of length the new SCUBAJET is 15cm (6") shorter than its predecessor. It measures a diameter of 8cm (3") and weighs only 3 kilograms (6.5lbs), while working with the same high performance electric drive mechanism as ever. The 3 phase sinus power management system allows high torque and a powerful motor with high efficiency. The SCUBAJET comes standard with a 200 wh lithium-ion-battery, with an optional 400 wh battery available to double your range, and generates an amazing 20kg (44lbs) of thrust.

Low weight and additional travel battery close gaps in dive sector

Using the simple hand controlled Dive adapter, the new function ring allows easier speed adjustment, even underwater and it can be easily switched between dive modes and remote control. SCUBAJET still remains the smallest dive scooter available on the market. With their weight being 40-60 lbs, conventional dive scooters represent a significant logistical challenge. SCUBAJET instead is a perfect match for individual tours and backpackers as well as underwater group-activities in general.


SCUBAJET is the most versatile water jet propulsion system for water sports gear like SUP boards, canoes, dinghies, kayaks and even snorkeling and diving. The company just announced a new version and the even slimmer version of SCUBAJET will hit the market in May.

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