Eagle Announces NeedleNose Racer NN126R

Port Jefferson, NY – Sea Eagle® is proud to introduce our first ever racing iSUP to our already formidable iSUP lineup.

Taking our patented design for our 30" wide NeedleNose™ iSUPS, we've created the NeedleNose™ Racer NN126R inflatable SUP. Measuring in at 12'6" long and just 26" wide, this is our sleekest, fastest, high performance iSUP.  It's 4" narrower than our traditional NeedleNose and that's what makes it so fast – this SUP has already won the Ishigaki SUP Grand Prix held on March 4, 2017 in Japan.

For the 1st time ever, we have incorporated a universal U.S. Fin Box giving the paddler the ability to use different style skegs for various racing conditions.  A great 9" long & 8.5" deep racing skeg with a 30° rake is included with the board. With our patented, razor sharp, wave piercing NeedleNose bow, the new NN126R cuts through the water more smoothly and faster than traditional SUPs.

The combination of the racing skeg and NeedleNose limit yawing, allowing you to glide through the water with minimal effort.  The electric pattern, diamond deck pad provides comfortable footing and maximum grip and the custom performance kick tail allows for advanced maneuvers such as pivot turns and keeps you from slipping off the tail.

At only 23 pounds, it's super light but able to hold a paddler up to 225 pounds. The NN126R is definitely for higher skilled SUPers as it's narrow width can prove tricky for the novice.

The NeedleNose™ Racer NN126R is available now with two packages to choose from starting at $949.  Both include the board, SUP paddle, hand piston pump, backpack and repair kit; one also includes an electric pump for completely automated inflation.  See SeaEagle.com or call 800-748-8066 for more information.