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SIC Grom Search

SIC Maui (Sandwich Islands Composites) is excited to announce they are currently in search for two youth athletes to join the SIC family as members of its SIC Junior Development Team with their SIC Grom Search. The selection of these two founding members (one boy and one girl) will focus on the goal of developing their paddling, conditioning and race skills in a structured "team training environment."

“We decided to work with The Paddle Academy (TPA) which already has a reputation of developing strong Junior Athletes over time and places an emphasis on long term athletic development," Braly Joy, SIC Marketing Director said.

“SIC wants to find to young paddlers that meet the criteria and want to push their competitive paddling to the next level. SIC is looking for the groms that show potential in downwind, flat water and surf."

The criteria to be considered for the SIC Junior Development Team require a strong scholastic performance, good waterman or waterwoman skills and race results. The SIC Grom Search will kick off in November 2014 and the selection process will be overseen by The Paddle Academy.

These new SIC Junior Development Team members will receive support similar to other SIC Team and Ambassadors in the sport of SUP Racing. Initially, this will include a race board, paddle and other team athlete perks.

"What's really cool for these two athletes is they will have to opportunity to get a glimpse into their future," Joy said.

At premier events, they will stay at the SIC team house and train with SIC Global Team members like Lina Augaitis, Georges Cronsteadt, Sonni Hönscheid, and Andrea Moller.

“Our hopes at TPA is that through continued mentoring and coaching of these Juniors and others on our Team, the paddlers will develop into their full potential as athletes,” said Jaime Donnelly, co-founder of TPA. "It is important for these Junior Athletes to become role models for the generations of young paddlers that follow in their footsteps. We truly believe being a part of our Junior Development Program at TPA, these athletes not only become stronger, but more importantly, family. TPA is a year-round program that provides a place where kids can grow as leaders, gain confidence and challenge themselves mentally and physically to gain a solid foundation to stand on for life.”

The two new SIC Junior Development team riders will be announced in the spring of 2015.

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