Standup World Series Announces Tour Updates

Photo: Waterman League

Photo: Waterman League

Standup World Series Tour Updates

World Series Finals Dates Change

The Waterman League is committed to the best interest of the sport of Standup Paddling in every respect. After the clash that was created by the Battle of the Paddle choosing the already established World Series Finals dates, we have been carefully considering all possible options to find the best solution for all concerned. In our opinion, nobody wins when two major events clash, so we have decided to push our event back to the same dates as last year for the good of the sport. The new World Series Finals dates will be October 10th – 12th, 2014.

This is frustrating for us, as this does mean a clash with the Molokai Hoe Canoe paddle race; however, in consideration of all the athletes traveling from all over the world to compete in both events, not running them back-to-back would prove problematic and would inhibit far more athletes from not being able to participate than the clash with the Molokai Hoe, so we have to work in favor of the majority in making this decision.

On a positive note, the swell season is better mid-October, providing a far greater chance for the spectacular conditions that we've witnessed the past few years at Turtle Bay. And in 2014, there is a full program of water and land events that will provide something for everyone. Starting with the Talk Story event on Wednesday the 8th, the program will include clinics, demos, open and youth events, seminars and much more, not to mention the Annual General Meeting for the Athletes.

Make sure to book your stay early at Turtle Bay for this year’s World Series Finals, the climactic close to the 2014 World Series tour, and one of the most spectacular events in the sport. Take advantage of athletes’ special rates early and take it all in for yourself on Oahu’s Fabled North Shore.

Photo: HOCH ZWEI/ Waterman League

Photo: HOCH ZWEI/ Waterman League

New Locations and Dates for the 2014 Germany Stop

One of the most exciting stops on the 2013 World Series, the Germany stop, will see a new home for 2014 and years to come. Moving out of the popular venue of Hamburg City, the event will find its new home 90 miles from Hamburg on the beautiful island of Fehmarn in the Baltic Sea. While some might wonder why we would move from the City, the location provides a phenomenal platform for the sport in Germany and the opportunity to realize the full potential of the event, both in terms of tangible participation at all levels, but also in terms of the full entertainment program.

2014 will see more of a festival event, with an ideal platform to get new people into the sport, but also to ensure the best possible racing for the world’s best and an open fleet event to remember. It will also bring in the masses through the complete event program that will mirror what our partners in Germany have successfully done with the sports of Windsurfing and Kitesurfing (two of the largest and longest lasting events in the world for their respective sports).

The 2014 Camp David World Cup of Standup Paddling will take place July 18th – 20th in Fehmarn, Germany, so make sure not to miss this dramatic showcase for the sport of Standup Paddling.

Photo: Waterman League

Photo: Waterman League

World Series and Challenger Series to provide dynamic line up of Summer events

There's a full line up of amazing events in Europe this year for both the World Series and the Challenger Series, starting with Bilbao in Spain on June 6th – 8th, Oleron Island in France on June 13th – 15th, then Finland July 4th – 6th, and Rome, that follows on from Fehmarn, Germany (July 18th – 20th) on July 25th – 27th. This final event will run in conjunction with Rome’s Surf Expo, held on the beach at one of Europe’s premier summer hot spots.

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