Gillian Gibree is a pro Stand Up Paddleboard Racer, Roxy outdoor athlete, and one of the women responsible for bringing SUP yoga into the mainstream. Gillian has competed on world stages including placing first in the esteemed Waikiki Quiksilver Festival and as a member of TEAM USA. Most recently Gillian launched the worlds first inflatable travel ready SUP yoga board. The perfect board that you can travel with anywhere you go. The inflatable component allows for easy travel as it rolls up into a backpack that comes with the board. She has insured the highest standards have been upheld on this lightweight travel board.

Technical Info on SUP Yoga inflatable board:
-Travel yoga board -10’6

-The inflatable component allows you to check it into your flight for $25 instead of a hard board being $200-$300 round trip (some airlines don’t even take boards that large) It rolls up into a backpack that comes with the board. Also comes with a pump and repair kit.

-Built in deck pad (yoga mat) and numerous straps

-Has enough volume to keep you dry during SUP Yoga, but also will have the perfect dimensions to be able to paddle efficiently and track well. Being a pro racer, Gillian has demo'd dozens of boards and believes paddle technique is key for overall fitness and injury prevention. (most SUP yoga boards are way too wide and don’t paddle straight very well, too wide for women to paddle)

-Will have a bungy system to hold any clothing or clip on water bottle, will have numerous D-rings for different SUP yoga anchors clip ins.

-It will be available through 404 distributors worldwide, its very easy to ship inflatables so even if someone doesn’t live near a distributor, it can be mailed from anywhere.

By: Kristin Ann Janishefski