ULI Introduces Custom Inflatable SUP Designs

ULI began building inflatable boards in 2003, and have always offered the customization of deckpads, fins and other options. Now ULI is announcing the availability of custom shapes built to your specifications. Customers can confer with ULI's experienced staff to choose the right template, thickness, rocker and rail design to build the best performing inflatable boards available.


ULI's team riders have been on custom surf and race boards for several years, and since that the entire manufacturing process takes place at their Vista facility they are now able to offer custom designs to the public. New advanced lightweight materials and a construction method that enhances rigidity and allows the board to be inflated to 20 psi have pushed the performance boundaries of ULI inflatable SUPs. Come see how ULI is closing the gap between hard board performance and giving you all the versatility and benefits of an inflatable SUP with an exceptional American made product.


For more information: ULIboards.com
Or, contact: 760-639-1844, sales@uliboards.com

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