Dreams DO come true with Urban Surf 4 Kids and their Dreaming of Aloha Achievement Program for Foster Youth. This program has been created to incentivize and reward foster youth to achieve something beyond their wildest imagination. The program will be offered each year to select foster youth within Urban Surf 4 Kids to earn a week-long trip to Hawaii by reaching various milestones. Once all milestones are met, they will have achieved their final goal to travel to Hawaii, spend time with surfing legends, and above all, experience the “Aloha Spirit".

The program is already underway as the youth are focusing on seven core competencies in order to achieve their reward trip. They are:
1. Code of Conduct/Ethics – learning how these principles apply to our lives with topics to include reap/sowing, forgiveness, respect, and healthy boundaries.
2. Health/Fitness 101 – understanding what a healthy lifestyle looks like and the background on processed/plant based foods, etc.
3. Tutoring Check Ups – each child is assigned Urban Surf mentor to check in with each week as they need to maintain a 2.50 GPA.
4. Organize as a team a Community Service Project – this project will help to serve the community as well as raise funds for their trip.
5. Water Safety/Testing Program – pass a series of water tests such as: distance swimming, treading water, ocean safety, etc.)
6. Surfrider Environmental Certification Course – a course where each will understand what threats are affecting our water systems.
7. PaddleFit/SUP Certification – this certification is offered through PaddleFit where each youth will become SUP certified.

What is the goal of all of this? To empower and inspire life changing habits that can benefit each youth and our local community as a whole.

For more info, visit: UrbanSurf4Kids.org
Or, contact Wesley Stewart at wesleyrstewart@gmail.com.
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