Kai Lenny, winner of the 2015 Da Hui Backdoor Shootout SUP division (the first SUP competition at Pipeline) went down in the history books yesterday. (Ed's Note: This shot is not from the competition yesterday.)

Kai Lenny won the 2015 Da Hui Backdoor Shootout SUP division—the first SUP competition ever held at Pipeline. (Ed’s Note: This shot is not from the competition. Check the video below to see the conditions.)

Kai Lenny Wins First Ever SUP Competition at Pipeline

Da Hui Backdoor Shootout, a surf contest that puts an emphasis on featuring local Hawaiian surfers at the iconic North Shore break, decided to do things a little differently: instead of just featuring prone surfing, they’ve included divisions for bodysurfing, longboarding, bodyboarding and, yes, standup paddling.

These divisions ran in small, onshore Pipe conditions last Friday, making it challenging for competitors to really highlight their skills at the hallowed break. In the end, it was four-time Standup World Tour champ Kai Lenny who took home the crown in the standup division. Even if they didn’t get the best conditions, being invited to compete in a contest at such a renowned break marks a big step for standup surfing. Here’s hoping we’re back next year.

Watch the highlights below.

Final Results:

1st—Kai Lenny—8.33

2nd—Kainoa McGee—6.44

3rd—Bullet Obra—5.43

4th—Keali’i Mamala—5.2

5th—Ikaika Kalama—4.94

6th—Noland Keaulana—2.87


Keali’i Mamala Wins Da Hui Backdoor Shootout Expression Session in Pumping Pipe on Final Day

After a weeklong hiatus from competition, Pipeline once again came to life yesterday for the final day of the Da Hui Backdoor Shootout and the second SUP exhibition of the contest. Unlike the first day of SUP competition, conditions were optimal and competitors went wave for wave in picture-perfect Pipeline and Backdoor barrels. In the end, Keali’i Mamala took first with the highest scoring wave of the expression session—a 9.6. Standup World Tour competitor and North Shore native, Noa Ginella, took second with a 7.6 high-wave score—a confidence-boost that he’ll carry on to the prestigious World Tour Opener at Sunset Beach, scheduled to begin on February 6th.

Check out highlights from the final day and SUP expression session below.

Expression Session Results:

1st—Keali’i Mamala—14.33

2nd—Noa Ginella—11.43

3rd—Kainoa McGee—9.87

4th—Kai Lenny—7.93

5th—Bullet Obra—6.36

6th—Tehotu Wong—4.7

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