Maui shaper and SUP surfer Dave Peterson is thankful he was standing instead of surfing prone today after nearly becoming SUPper near Kanaha Beach in Central Maui. An eight- to nine-foot shark bit into his board and wouldn’t relent. Peterson was waiting outside the lineup at a break known as “Boneyard” when he was knocked onto the shark that had it’s teeth firmly planted in his board.

"It wasn't letting go of my board, so I grabbed my paddle and I started beating it over the head with the paddle, and it let go. It swam by me and I had to push it away, and then it swam off," Peterson told Maui Now.

Peterson retreated to the beach before alerting lifeguards. "I feel bad for my friends who were out there surfing because after I told the lifeguards, they had to close the beach, and the waves were really good," he said.

Boneyard is an area known as Kanaha State Park and is an optional takeout of the classic Maliko Downwind Run. Aside from being a popular windsurf and kite spot, it’s also the finish line of the Olukai Ho’Olaule’A, below.

Photos by Deb Lynch, Maui Now.