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New SUP Expedition Underway in Texas

Expedition paddler Sam Mauldin doesn’t sit around for long. Only a year after setting the Texas record of paddling 100 miles down the flooded Guadalupe River, Maupin and five other paddlers have set off with a new record in mind.

They want to paddle where no paddlers have gone before, the Santa Elena Canyon in Big Bend National Park.

Mauldin discovered the dramatic canyon while sifting through satellite imagery and quickly knew it was special. With the Rio Grande River carving between massive canyon walls that rise up nearly 1500 feet, it is sure to be an awe-inspiring expedition.

After Mauldin did some more research on the spot, he also found that his trip would be the first SUP expedition to explore the canyon. So he gathered his friends and began planning for this epic journey through the southwestern desert.

While the group began their descent in the majestic canyons, the terrain will eventually flatten out into what Mauldin has deemed, “The Great Unknown”. Here they will follow the Rio Grande through miles of desolate desert, with only distant views of a mountain range in nearby Mexico.

Eventually, the group expects to enter another area of canyons where they will carry on until the finish. It is sure to be an exciting adventure and will certainly give the group a unique tour of the beautiful desert landscape.

Stay tuned as we will provide a full recap and photos of their expedition once they finish.In the meantime, follow their expedition live and see exactly where they are with SpotTracker.


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