Paddlers overtook San Francisco Bay last weekend for the second annual Battle of the Bay race and expo. With a cash purse of $5,000 on the line, elite and amateur paddlers battled it out on long and short courses against the iconic city skyline.

Almost 100 paddlers came out to compete over the two days of racing at McNears Beach. Paddlers experienced near-perfect conditions each day, with warm weather and calm waters. Saturday's 5-mile race was a quick one with Australia's Beau O'Brian taking the win, followed by Lance Erickson, Paul Jackson, Anthony Vela and Jimmy Spithill. Gold medalist Krisztina Zur won the Women's division with Julianne Brackett, Angela Jackson, Alison Riddle and Shannon Falcone rounding out the top 5 places.

The kids' 1-mile race had a great competitive field as well and was dominated primarily by the Brackett boys. Josiah, Joshua, and Jacob took the top three places for the boys with Kalia Alexiou, Natalie Rathle and Jessica Brackett finishing first through third for the girls.

The great weather made another appearance on Sunday for the 10-mile distance race and 2-mile open race. Saturday's short-course winner, Beau O'Brian, took the win again in the distance race over Paul Jackson, Jim Terrell, Lance Erickson and Steve Walker. Also repeating her win from Saturday was Krisztina Zur, followed once again by Angela Jackson, Shannon Falcone, Julianne Brackett and Jen Fuller.

As Sunday came to an end, points from both the short and long distance races were combined to decide overall winners of each division. Two-time champs Beau O'Brian and Krisztina Zur were named the winners of the weekend after dominating both days of racing.



1: Beau O'Brian (2 points)
2: Paul Jackson (4 points)
3: Jim Terrell (9 points)
4: Rami Zur (10 points)
5: Jimmy Spithill (11 points)
6: Steve Walker (11 points)
7: Anthony Vela (11 points)

1: Krisztina Zur (2 points)
2: Angie Jackson (5 points)
3: Juliane Brackett (5 points)

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